Super Secret Brunch Club

My Contributions
Brand identity
Menu design
Social media content 
Branded Photography

and Videography
A weekly pop-up emphasizing collaboration between local small businesses providing various brunch related food and beverage items. 
Client: Secret Admirer
Summer 2022

Brand Identity, Menu and Merch Design

If Des Moines garden bar Secret Admirer is meant to feel like a Brooklyn apartment (it is), then Super Secret Brunch Club could be the conceptual bodega across the street.

With a visual language and typography pulling directly from bodega signage, SSBC is a combination of modern streetwear sensibilities and vintage cereal box personality.

The primary wordmark wave was created with the intention to establish some street cred while maintaining the friendly archetype established by the type and color systems. 

The secondary zipper-mouthed winking icon was created to visually communicate the core idea of the project: the city’s least best kept secret.


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